I cry fault.

The Huffington Post ran a story this morning with this headline (you can follow the link below):

Marion Bartoli Makes John Inverdale Look Like A Fool As She Stuns At Wimbledon Winners’ Ball 


The above article in response to comments he made over the weekend in regards to her appearance and how she must have had to work harder since she’s not a “looker.”

My thoughts on that here…https://nikkijamison.wordpress.com/2013/07/07/match-point/

So what the writer of the Huffington Post article appears to be attempting to do is to push back against Mr. Inverdale’s sexist comments by posting pictures of Ms. Bartoli in a tight grey dress and heels, stating the following:

The French tennis star ditched her tennis whites and embraced the red carpet glamour in a gun metal grey dress, showing off her shiny hair and impressive tan.

Take that Mr. Inverdale.

See what a fool you are?

She is a looker.  So there.


Why do I find the Huffington Post using her looks as “proof” of Mr. Inverdale’s foolishness equal in their offensiveness to that of his original, asinine comments?

Why do the facts that she has “shiny hair” and an “impressive tan” somehow lay waste to the negative stereotypes perpetuated by his gasbag commentary?

Ms. Bartoli – you do look great in that dress.  You do have both shiny hair and an impressive tan.  Props to you. I can tell you that no amount of Lycra, special shampoos and/or sun exposure would produce equal results on my end.

But should you have chosen to walk down the red carpet in sweatpants and a dirty t-shirt, you still would be an amazing athlete, a beautiful and an accomplished woman, and an individual who has reached the pinnacle of their sport due to natural talent, hard work, athleticism and dedication.  Something very few athletes – male or female – ever accomplish.

Your appearance having nothing to do with any of the above.

And that is why Mr. Inverdale is a fool.

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