• Gap-toothed love.

    A brief reflection on 20 years of marital incompetence. We were not best friends when we got married. I’m not sure he knew my middle name until the priest said it out loud. We are not best friends now. More like comrades.  Comrades allied through sex, procreation and a poor credit rating.   We go… Continue Reading

  • For the love of the game.

    I didn’t participate in high school sports.  Nor do I come from a sports-oriented family. My parents never had to brave the elements, or the expectations of other parents, to watch my sister and I in what surely would have been an embarrassing display of our mediocre to sub-par athletic abilities. We weren’t runners.  Or… Continue Reading

  • The remains of the day.

    I was doing laundry when the phone rang. My husband told me to turn on the TV.  A plane had hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center building in New York City. The Today Show came into focus just as the second plane hit the South Tower. And then the Pentagon. And reports… Continue Reading

  • Imagine if Eve had been on Facebook.

    So…I am fashionably late to the party on this particular topic but this week has been a long one. Apparently one Mrs. Hall, on her mommy-focused blog, wrote an open letter directed at teenage girls, informing them that their inappropriate online behavior makes it impossible for her to allow her sons to continue to interact… Continue Reading

  • Family register.

    His death is recorded in your journal. Cliff died. Your scrawling script slightly larger than that on the surrounding pages the only indication of something amiss.  The unsentimental prose of a tenant farmer’s daughter and farmer’s wife. Cliff had to shoot a dog that’s been bothering the sheep. Two sick cows.  Called vet. Cliff died.… Continue Reading