• Of Facebook and feminine mystique.

    Recently I made a few new Facebook friends. One lives in North Dakota, has an amazing set of upper arms, and runs marathons. I refuse to acknowledge any direct correlation between the latter two details.  One lives in Washington D.C., owns her own boudoir photography business, and has a fondness for llamas. I am assuming… Continue Reading

  • Art imitating life.

    Ladies, are you married?  Have children?  Have a job? Here is a fun and easy game you can play with your spouse. And the best part is it doesn’t require constricting leather undergarments or batteries.  Or perhaps that’s the worst part – whatever floats your boat. In this household, taking off your sweatpants before you get into… Continue Reading

  • Default.

    It is never the easy choice. One thing or the other. It is everything all at once.  A total eclipse of the sun does not relieve the mutual attraction of the moon and the oceans. The glass in the patio door is still cracked; spider-webbed outward from the center where the ax handle struck last… Continue Reading