Art imitating life.

Ladies, are you married?  Have children?  Have a job?

Here is a fun and easy game you can play with your spouse.

And the best part is it doesn’t require constricting leather undergarments or batteries. 

Or perhaps that’s the worst part – whatever floats your boat.

In this household, taking off your sweatpants before you get into bed counts as foreplay.

Besides, the thrill of role playing and sexual experimentation is tempered considerably if you have to run through the house in your bondage wear, searching under couch cushions for an Xbox controller whose batteries have enough juice to power the glow-in-the-dark erotic dice game you bought from Spencer’s.

But I digress.


Paper and drawing utensils.


Start with a basic stick figure on your paper that looks like this:

Basic Stick figure

Add detail to your figure for each task that you complete before leaving for work.

For example, if you take a shower – add an eye.

Get dressed?  Add another eye.

Make coffee?  Add a smile.

For each subsequent task you complete, continue adding depth and detail to your picture until you head out the door for work.

The winner’s picture will be the most life-like and detailed.

My husband and I played this game.

Here was his picture when he was finished:

Smiling Stick figure.jpg

Here was mine:

Mona Lisa

I’ll bet Leonardo could never understand why his muse had that bitchy look on her face when she came to work in the morning.


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