Winter solstice.

It has been a long winter away from my blog.

My brain is the cerebral equivalent of that last unpacked box after a move.

There might be some good shit in there but first I have dig through old photographs of a trip I apparently took to a place I can’t name with some people I don’t recognize while wearing an unfortunate pair of gaucho pants; tax returns from 1996; a marble lamp stand missing an electrical cord; and a broken cassette-tape single of Wouldn’t it Be Good by Nick Kershaw.

There’s a few things rattling around up there is the point I’m making.

I just need to sort them all out.

But it feels good to have a minute to at least crack open the lid and let in some light.

So bear with me a little longer – those of you have been waiting ever so eagerly for my witty repartee and steadfast council on life (not a clue), parenting (use condoms), Taco Bell and self-portraits.

There are a few things I just might feel like sharing my uninformed opinion on.

I just need to do some unpacking first.

But please enjoy some music – and cutting edge special effects – while you wait.

Latest Comments

  1. JoannaTiger says:

    Take your time and know that we are super happy to see you back!


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