• Crimes and misdemeanors.

    Or a suburban girl’s first brush with the law. Author’s note:  When your boyfriend borrows your car and promises to bring it back on time to drive you to campus for your morning class and then doesn’t show up the next morning, you should be slightly suspicious.  But I am not hardwired for suspicion, so… Continue Reading

  • Bitch smash.

    I am a pretty regular listener to the NPR program Here and Now.  Recently I caught an interview conducted by host Jeremy Dobson with writer and actress Sandra Tsing Loh – author of a new book titled The Madwoman in the Volvo. The segment was titled Why It’s Time to Talk About Menopause. You can… Continue Reading

  • Period piece.

    I started my period roughly at age thirteen.  Which means my uterus has been shedding its lining once a month or so for the last 29 years. Not including the roughly 27 months I spent in various states of gestation or the last five months where my menopausal uterus seems decidedly less cooperative. That may… Continue Reading

  • Of Facebook and feminine mystique.

    Recently I made a few new Facebook friends. One lives in North Dakota, has an amazing set of upper arms, and runs marathons. I refuse to acknowledge any direct correlation between the latter two details.  One lives in Washington D.C., owns her own boudoir photography business, and has a fondness for llamas. I am assuming… Continue Reading

  • Art imitating life.

    Ladies, are you married?  Have children?  Have a job? Here is a fun and easy game you can play with your spouse. And the best part is it doesn’t require constricting leather undergarments or batteries.  Or perhaps that’s the worst part – whatever floats your boat. In this household, taking off your sweatpants before you get into… Continue Reading

  • Imagine if Eve had been on Facebook.

    So…I am fashionably late to the party on this particular topic but this week has been a long one. Apparently one Mrs. Hall, on her mommy-focused blog, wrote an open letter directed at teenage girls, informing them that their inappropriate online behavior makes it impossible for her to allow her sons to continue to interact… Continue Reading

  • Shame on us.

    I overheard a conversation between two women at the grocery store yesterday.  These women were not friends.  Just two women who got in line behind each other on a Sunday morning, both finding an appropriate topic of discussion to be the overweight woman checking out in the next aisle – her fashion and food choices… Continue Reading

  • Liberation sounds a lot like libation to me.

    I read a blog post recently focused on the liberating nature of middle age for women.  More specifically, how middle age allows women to “let go of beauty as power” and focus on “inner strength.”  Actually, I’ve read several articles of late that expound on this particular theme. Ostensibly, if I read the authors’ intentions… Continue Reading

  • It’s not me, it’s most definitely you.

    It’s just not working anymore. This relationship that has spanned three children, two decades and untold intimate encounters no longer gives me what I need. I can’t quite put my finger on it…but something has changed. In the beginning I let him take the lead. I liked the fact that he took charge and made… Continue Reading