• Match point.

    So BBC sports broadcaster John Inverdale intimates (and by intimates I mean that he came out and said it) that Wimbledon’s Women’s Singles Champion Marion Bartoli’s father must have told her that she would have to work extra hard to be successful since she was never going to be a “looker” like Maria Sharapova. Then… Continue Reading

  • The responsibility between us.

    Author’s note:  This post was originally written and posted in the Curvy Girl Guide on the Brittany, Herself web site at http://brittanyherself.com/cgg/the-responsibility-between-us/. I am not a curvy girl.  Not even close. Breasts?  Forget it. I don’t wear a bra with 99.9 percent of all articles of clothing. Hips?  Not even mildly interesting unless you count that… Continue Reading