• Of Sisyphus and morning sex.

    Or the joys of empty nest syndrome. Defined loosely by a collection of symptoms and emotions including depression, anxiety, a sense of loss of purpose, feelings of rejection, and excessive worry over a child’s welfare, empty nest syndrome is most commonly experienced by women after their last child leaves for college. Or so say my… Continue Reading

  • Goddamn dog.

    She sprawled in front of every door you wanted to open. Blocked the stairs when your arms were full of groceries.  Tripped you in the kitchen when you were carrying hot pans.  Kicked you with her back feet when you crowded her space on the couch or bed.  Dripped toilet water from her muzzle onto… Continue Reading

  • Didn’t you people learn anything from Lord of the Flies?

    So two guys who just love the Constitution and their own interpretation of the 2nd Amendment wrote a children’s book promoting the open-carry of firearms. This illustrated book follows the adventures of Brenna – a “typical 13-year old” – whose parents just happen to open carry firearms for “self-defense” while they are out and about… Continue Reading

  • Blame Fruit of the Loom for the continued immigration debate.

    As the great-granddaughter of immigrants, I was going to write about immigration policy and the responsibilities borne by any first world nation in regards to escalating violence in developing nations and sheltering displaced children seeking refuge but I have much more pressing problems right here at home. My underwear is ripped. And I should probably throw… Continue Reading

  • Period piece.

    I started my period roughly at age thirteen.  Which means my uterus has been shedding its lining once a month or so for the last 29 years. Not including the roughly 27 months I spent in various states of gestation or the last five months where my menopausal uterus seems decidedly less cooperative. That may… Continue Reading

  • Winter solstice.

    It has been a long winter away from my blog. My brain is the cerebral equivalent of that last unpacked box after a move. There might be some good shit in there but first I have dig through old photographs of a trip I apparently took to a place I can’t name with some people… Continue Reading

  • For the love of the game.

    I didn’t participate in high school sports.  Nor do I come from a sports-oriented family. My parents never had to brave the elements, or the expectations of other parents, to watch my sister and I in what surely would have been an embarrassing display of our mediocre to sub-par athletic abilities. We weren’t runners.  Or… Continue Reading

  • The remains of the day.

    I was doing laundry when the phone rang. My husband told me to turn on the TV.  A plane had hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center building in New York City. The Today Show came into focus just as the second plane hit the South Tower. And then the Pentagon. And reports… Continue Reading

  • Ode to toilet.

    For the men in my life… 1.  If you need to use this… 2.  And you see this… 3.  Look on top of this (reference 1. above) 4.  For reference, this is not correct… 5.  Nor this… 6.  Nor this… 7.  Give yourself a gold star if you accomplished this… 8. And two minutes in… Continue Reading

  • Over the rainbow.

    The Hotline section of our local paper has been all abuzz this past two weeks with submissions regarding a LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) pride group that apparently participated in the local Fourth of July parade. For the uninitiated, the Hotline is a forum for reader’s comments in our local paper – a coherent thought… Continue Reading