• Love in the time of menopause.

    My husband and I are not ones for saying I love you all the time.  We like to throw it out there randomly to keep each other on our toes.  Like a fire drill. He will say “I love you.” And then I say “I love you too.” And then he says “I know.” For… Continue Reading

  • Art imitating life.

    Ladies, are you married?  Have children?  Have a job? Here is a fun and easy game you can play with your spouse. And the best part is it doesn’t require constricting leather undergarments or batteries.  Or perhaps that’s the worst part – whatever floats your boat. In this household, taking off your sweatpants before you get into… Continue Reading

  • Gap-toothed love.

    A brief reflection on 20 years of marital incompetence. We were not best friends when we got married. I’m not sure he knew my middle name until the priest said it out loud. We are not best friends now. More like comrades.  Comrades allied through sex, procreation and a poor credit rating.   We go… Continue Reading

  • Goodbye overlooked middle child.

    So this boy is off to college this Saturday. To Oakland University. On scholarship. I am not a parent that advertises my kids’ accomplishments on my car bumper. Besides, it’s hard to find a bumper stick that reads, My son may not be an honor student but at least he hasn’t gotten anyone pregnant.  In general I… Continue Reading

  • Brother, can you spare a dime? Nope.

    So I have three boys. Sorry, three men.  Men who watch SpongeBob in their underwear while eating Frosted Flakes out of mixing bowls, but men nonetheless.  At 16 and almost 18 and 20, they are quickly receding from boyhood. I can attest that they all came from the same place.  Well, roughly speaking – one was… Continue Reading

  • Put a ring on it…I need the extra money.

    I don’t wear a wedding ring. A fact that is frequently pointed out to me by various acquaintances – most recently last Tuesday while getting my hair cut.  Such queries have varied subtexts of meaning that generally fall into one of three categories: The concerned:  “When did you stop wearing your ring?”  i.e., When did… Continue Reading

  • Jagged little pill.

    So to make a long story short, my eldest son is not joining the Navy. He is no longer enlisted for reasons that are for him to explain to those he chooses, or not, should he choose to have them remain private. And yes, it goes without saying, that he retained full approval over my… Continue Reading