• Things my mom did.

    She… Saved money by cutting my and my sister’s hair at home. Not that you could ever tell. Smashed ice in a dishtowel and poured orange juice on top to simulate a snow cone when my sister and I would beg to buy one from the ice cream man. Made us go to bed at… Continue Reading

  • Love in the time of menopause.

    My husband and I are not ones for saying I love you all the time.  We like to throw it out there randomly to keep each other on our toes.  Like a fire drill. He will say “I love you.” And then I say “I love you too.” And then he says “I know.” For… Continue Reading

  • Gap-toothed love.

    A brief reflection on 20 years of marital incompetence. We were not best friends when we got married. I’m not sure he knew my middle name until the priest said it out loud. We are not best friends now. More like comrades.  Comrades allied through sex, procreation and a poor credit rating.   We go… Continue Reading