• This too shall pass.

    For some strange reason the minute you hit your forties, especially if you are a woman, you are deluged with advice – a large portion of which falls into the following six categories and often makes me wonder if Sylvia Plath must have spent time on the Internet before putting her head in the oven. 1.  Advice… Continue Reading

  • Love in the time of menopause.

    My husband and I are not ones for saying I love you all the time.  We like to throw it out there randomly to keep each other on our toes.  Like a fire drill. He will say “I love you.” And then I say “I love you too.” And then he says “I know.” For… Continue Reading

  • The middle-aged selfie…a photo essay.

    Otherwise known as how to be the center of my own lazy-eyed, big-nosed, double-chinned universe.  John Singer Sargent, a renowned portrait artist who died in 1925, famously said that every time he painted a portrait he lost a friend. Maybe that’s why self-portraits are so popular. But if having total control over our own image… Continue Reading