• This and that.

    Last week we dropped off our youngest son in West Virginia.  The baby of our family.  This mother’s son is seventeen and starting his freshman year at college. Last week a boy was shot unarmed in the street in Ferguson, Missouri.  That mother’s son was eighteen and a few days away from starting college classes. This week… Continue Reading

  • Things my mom did.

    She… Saved money by cutting my and my sister’s hair at home. Not that you could ever tell. Smashed ice in a dishtowel and poured orange juice on top to simulate a snow cone when my sister and I would beg to buy one from the ice cream man. Made us go to bed at… Continue Reading

  • Mother of all possibilities.

    I had this picture in my head of the mother that I would be before my first son was born. It looked kind of like this. But, you know, with a baby instead of a joint. Now granted – with the exception of small breast size – nothing in this photograph would remind anyone of… Continue Reading

  • Brother, can you spare a dime? Nope.

    So I have three boys. Sorry, three men.  Men who watch SpongeBob in their underwear while eating Frosted Flakes out of mixing bowls, but men nonetheless.  At 16 and almost 18 and 20, they are quickly receding from boyhood. I can attest that they all came from the same place.  Well, roughly speaking – one was… Continue Reading