It’s not me, it’s most definitely you.

It’s just not working anymore.

This relationship that has spanned three children, two decades and untold intimate encounters no longer gives me what I need.

I can’t quite put my finger on it…but something has changed.

In the beginning I let him take the lead.

I liked the fact that he took charge and made all the decisions.  Frankly, he knew me better than I knew myself, so it felt natural to follow his direction.

But I want more now.

Maybe I’ve just grown up.

I’m not that same naive girl that he met twenty years ago –  hesitant, restrained, ignorant of my own needs.

I understand myself and my body so much more now.

And frankly, I find his increasingly paternal and dismissive tone condescending.

And let’s get real – I wasn’t his first and most certainly won’t be his last.

So that’s it.

Now I just need to find a new gynecologist.

He looked like Brad Pitt when we first met….


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